couple looking at finances on a laptop
Having control over your day-to-day finances 

Money is personal, and emotional, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Understanding how your day-to-day finances and your emotions are connected can help you take more control of your financial situation.

two vehicles in a minor accident
Easy steps for starting a "surprise fund” 

Surprises happen, and they can get very expensive. Whether you have a "surprise fund" already or not, these easy steps can help you feel secure and prepared for any future surprise expenses.

couple creating a budget on a laptop
Budgeting for a non-budgeter

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a scary word. Take the fear out of budgeting with these simple tips, tricks, and ideas to help even a beginning budgeter get started.

couple walking down a path after their wedding
Should you combine your finances after getting married? 

Whether or not to tie your finances together after you’ve tied the knot is a big question for all newly married couples. Here’s what you need to consider before making the decision.

expecting parents standing in front of their home
Starting a family: The total cost of a baby in 1983 versus today

Having a child has always been a big decision, and a big expense, but how much more do new parents today have to pay than their parents did? Here’s what it costs to raise a child in 2023, compared with 1983, and advice on how to manage the expense.

woman evaluating her finances
5 things to do after divorce to help build financial freedom

Divorce is a reality that half of married couples will face in their lifetime—it’s an emotionally challenging time for most, but bringing a thoughtful approach to your finances throughout the process can ensure that you come out on the other side prepared for your new life.

grandfather greeting his granddaughter and daughter
4 ways to cut your tax bill in retirement

Retiring this year? One of the biggest changes you may face in retirement comes on your annual tax return—here’s how you can make sure you take advantage of these 4 tips for cutting your tax bill in retirement.

couple reviewing information with a tax professional on a laptop
5 things that trigger your tax planning going from online-only to a tax professional

Depending on your situation, tax season can become very complicated. As your life situation changes, so does your tax situation. Here are 5 signs that your tax situation is getting complicated enough that you might need to consult a tax professional.

small business owners looking over legal documents
How to protect your small business from a lawsuit

Lawsuits are a reality that many people face today. You can be sued for almost anything, so what steps can you take as a small-business owner to protect yourself—and ideally avoid a lawsuit before it even happens?

woman hugging a high school graduate holding her diploma
Financial basics for your high school graduate 

Leaving home for the first time can be a challenging time for parents and children. To make sure your new grad is ready to face life away from home, here are some financial basics you can teach today to set your child up for financial success in the future.


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