Our financial calculators are designed as educational tools to help you estimate answers to common financial questions. They are not intended to predict future returns or results. Simply click on one of the general financial topics below and you'll find a selection of easy-to-use calculators about related financial topics.

These calculators are hypothetical examples used for illustrative purposes and do not represent the performance of any investment or product. Rates of return will vary over time, particularly for long-term investments. Investments offering the potential for higher rates of return also involve a higher degree of risk of loss. Actual results will vary.

Annuity Tax Advantages

What are the tax advantages of a fixed deferred annuity?

Savings Goals

How much should I save to reach my financial goal?

Retirement Savings 

Are you saving enough for retirement?

College Savings 

The advantage of a 529 college savings plan.

Living Expenses

How much am I spending?

Life Insurance Benefits

How long will my life insurance benefits last?

Savings in Retirement

How long will my savings last in retirement?

Cost of Long-Term Care 

What is the cost of long-term care?

Funeral Costs and Final Expenses

Understanding how much the average funeral costs.


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